Trips-viz is a transcriptome browser designed to visualize Ribosome profiling and RNA-seq data at the level of a single gene/transcript isoform as opposed to at the genome level. Trips-viz also provides you the ability to vizualize data from a gene under different conditions, get meta-information at an individual dataset level such as read length distribution or triplet periodicity, and provides the ability to find differentially expressed or translated genes. For more information on any of these plots and general information on Trips-viz you can view the help pages, or see this brief walkthrough of some of the main features. To see the latest updates on Trips-Viz or to get information on the number of organisms and studies currently provided in Trips-Viz, you can view the statistics and updates page. To get started click on an organism below.Trips-Viz is free and open to all users with no login requirement and is licensed under the MIT License.

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Trips-Viz is supported by Science Foundation Ireland and is a and Elixir Resource. SFI logo